Collection: Custom Awards & Trophies

Each custom award is a unique piece of art. We design a selection of 2D and 3D award designs to ensure that your award matches your vision. A wide range of materials that combine a mixture of different techniques is employed to create our custom awards. Glass, metal, wood, acrylic, and Corian are the most popular media we work with, offering each client insightful advice on how to vary with materials.
Please view our previous creations to inspire new ideas for your next project.

42 products
  • Bespoke globe trophy
    Bespoke gold plated aluminium acrylic wood trophy_Awards and medal studio
  • Dentist Association custom toothbrush award
    Custom 3D cut acrylic wood corian gold award_Awards and medal studio
  • Unique custom hardwood award
    Custom hardwood oak acrylic bagde award-Awards and medal studio
  • Basketball all-star game modern award
    Modern acrylic brass printed custom award-Awards and medal studio 2
  • Impressive acrylic award
    Impressive custom acrylic metal award-Awards and medal studio
  • Bespoke ‘Viesakas’ anniversary trophy
    Bespoke glass metal acrylic wood trophy-Awards and medal studio 2
  • MIRADA CUP custom award
    Modern custom dancing award acrylic block base-Awards and medal studio
  • Bespoke glass trophy
    Bespoke glass diamond metal trophy-Awards and medal studio
  • Skeleton custom sports award
    Skeleton custom sports award
  • Handcrafted custom tennis award
    Handcrafted custom tennis award
  • Rally Talsi custom winner trophies
    Custom Rally trophy black acrylic oak wood-Awards and medal studio 2
  • TOP employer- custom awards
    Custom corian acrylic block awards-Awards and medal studio 1
  • The golden plunger Award
    Bespoke gold plated aluminium wood award-Awards and medal studio
  • Cognizant custom acrylic value award
    Custom acrylic value award with digital printings-Awards and medal studio
  • Distinctive bespoke wood award
    Unique custom wood award-Awards-and-medal-studio
  • Personalised leaf custom award
    Personalized custom metal wood award-Awards and medal studio 2
  • SEB Mountain Bike Marathon custom trophy
    Handcrafted custom wood metal trophy-awards and medal studio 2
  • Rally Liepāja award
    Custom acrylic wood metal award-awards and medal studio