Collection: Custom Awards & Trophies

Each custom award is a unique piece of art. We design a selection of 2D and 3D award designs to ensure that your award matches your vision. A wide range of materials that combine a mixture of different techniques is employed to create our custom awards. Glass, metal, wood, acrylic, and Corian are the most popular media we work with, offering each client insightful advice on how to vary with materials.
Please view our previous creations to inspire new ideas for your next project.

137 products
  • Custom Gold Helmet cup
    Custom corporate Gold Helmet cup
  • Custom design cast corporate award
    Corporate concrete trophy
  • Custom free standing distinctive glass award
    Custom free standing distinctive glass award
  • Custom acrylic- wood trophy
    Custom acrylic- wood award with UV flatbed print. Custom Design.
  • Custom corporate award
    Custom corporate award
  • Metal trophy for Red Bull Flick
    Custom metal trophy for Red Bull.
  • Custom Award set
    Unique wood, metal plaque with full colour print.
  • Hockey League Player of the month wood trophy
    Custom design free standing wood trophy for Hockey League.
  • Custom Red Bull Rough Ride trophy
    Bespoke red Bull trophy. Trophy with colourful print. Custom design trophy.
  • mxGP Sports trophy
    Custom sports trophy from wood, metal and acrylic
  • Striking trophy
    Striking trophy
  • Wooden block trophy
    Wooden block trophy
  • 'Close to nature' art award
    Custom sculpture award
  • Big size trophy
    Custom dog show cup
  • Custom crystal glass cube award
    Custom crystal glass cube award
  • Wooden block award
    Wooden block award
  • Unique wood, resin art trophy
    Wood, resin art trophy. UV flat bed print.Custom design.
  • Silver Heart award
    Custom Silver award, polished metal award. Custom design.
  • Custom stone mass award
    Custom stone mass award
  • Custom geometric trophy
    Custom design geometric shape wood metal trophy
  • Custom athletics trophy
    Unique sport trophy
  • Stunning Stainless steel trophy
    Custom design stainless steel trophy 1st, 2nd 3rd place
  • Custom acrylic award
    Custom acrylic trophy with UV flat bed print
  • Wood-resin art trophy
    Handcrafted custom wood resin award. Hardwood oak combined with deep blue resin. Customised print.