About us

AWARDS & MEDAL STUDIO is a Latvian brand established in 2005.
AWARDS & MEDAL STUDIO stands for individually designed, high-quality awards, trophies, and medals made from carefully selected materials. Every product we create embodies the respect we have for our customers. Through our work, we hope to inspire a curiosity and desire within people to make more sustainable and ethical choices.

Custom glass diamond award_Awards and medal studio


Our specialty is in awards, trophies, and medals, but our talents can also be applied to wall plaques, corporate gifts, and anything else you'd like. Custom made awards and trophies are created from brass, stainless steel, wood, glass, acrylic, and Corian. A wide range of materials in combination with a mixture of different media is utilized to produce our custom designs.
The latest design and production techniques are employed to realize our awards. We can create unique designs inspired by your logo (event, theme, etc.) to suit your budget and vision. 2D and 3D visualizations are made to ensure that your award matches your vision.
Our client base includes businesses in the banking industry, insurance, IT, financial, creative agencies, and sports organizations.

Awards & Medal Studio, SIA has concluded (21.11.2016) agreement No. SKV-L-2016/936 with the Latvian Investment and Development Agency on receiving support within the measure “Promotion of International Competitiveness” co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund


Latvian Football Federation annual Football awards ceremony


Latvian Basketball Association annual Basketball awards ceremony